About Us

About Us

Initally starting off as a Facebook Page, we post articles on various health related topics. This website was made to aid in organising information that we post. Our Facebook Page could continue to operate without huge walls of text on peoples' news feeds. This makes it more convenient for you, the reader. What we do is research into topics for your benefit, we find products that are relatable to what we are talking about when possible. This saves you a lot of time in your day, as we will send you weekly updates on either Monday or Friday. The posts vary in content week from week and you will find yourself learning something new everytime you get a notification. We are catering to the UK currently, but in the future, we could expand our audience to other countries. 

 We are based in the UK and all of our scheduled posts will be to the UK's timezone. If you haven't already been to our Facebook Page, you can find it HERE. You will receive all of our articles directly to your Facebook Wall! Make sure you have your notifications set as "See First", if you don't have Facebook, subscribe to our email list. You will always be the first to know when we bring something out.

Feel free to leave any feedback on our Page or this website. We look forward to seeing you as a regular viewer, thank you.

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