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An extremely trustworthy brand has made a reappearance. Blackwolf, one of the leading producers of pre-workout supplements has just relaunched with some new, groundbreaking products on the line. Pre-workout supplements are nothing new nowadays, the market is flooded with them, all ranging in price from incredibly cheap to a promising higher premium. Sometimes paying for the higher prices doesn't come at any benefit to you at all. You see, there are so many rubbish supplements out there that are just packed full of stims. Usually, the sort of people you see promoting these products are the ones who have the muscle mass that is equivalent of four people; it's all utter nonsense. Fake results with people paid to promote it.

This is why Blackwolf is such a favourable brand of mine when it comes to pre-workouts. They're dedicated to providing their customers with a quality product, with a reasonable price that reflects the amount of work that has gone into it. Unlike more amateur producers of pre-workouts, who tend to have too many stimulants in their product, Blackwolf has created a unique formula that's backed by scientific studies. It's not just attracting the attention of gym-freaks either, it's trusted by elite athletes.

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Blackwolf's relaunch features three citrus packed flavours. I love fruity flavoured supplements, they taste more like a soft drink than an energy booster. All of these flavours are specifically crafted to form a unique, identifiable and remarkable taste. I like what they've done this time around by introducing a caffeine-free flavour. It's not that often you get to see supplements that cater to both sides of preference, it's usually one or the other in my experience.

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Something that makes Blackwolf stand out from other supplement brands is how these pre-workout supplements are for everybody. Blackwolf is gender-neutral when it comes to their products, one of their top priorities is ensuring that their products don't discriminate. The same results are delivered to everybody, regardless of gender.

In Blackwolf's previous line of pre-workout supplements, they had the product contain 15 servings. But, it's clear as day that to make an astonishing first impression on their relaunch that they have bumped it up to 22 servings! More money saved for you and getting more results because of it, couldn't be any better in my eyes. And, of course, as I mentioned before, they've introduced a caffeine-free option. What I like about this the most is that Blackwolf has acknowledged that some people can be a bit sensitive to caffeine and maybe put off from taking pre-workout as a lot of supplements contain caffeine. Well, if you find yourself to be in this position you'll be relieved to know that Blackwolf has had you in mind this entire time. In my own opinion, I think that the caffeine-free flavour is the nicest one. Fruit punch... The name sounds sweet enough as it is.

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So, what is it that makes Blackwolf stand out the most amongst other leading brands out there? Well, with a relaunch like this they need to stand out from the crowd and a good effort they've made. You see, when I was trying all these other brands of pre-workout before I'd even heard of Blackwolf, I used to hate drinking the stuff. They were all so sharp in taste like they just weren't nice to drink. Either insanely sweet, bitter or just a nasty flavour. ALL of Blackwolf's flavours are as close to perfect as they could be for a pre-workout supplement. Blackwolf is big on flavour. I know that they share the struggles with people like me and you when it comes down to finding a great tasting supplement. So, they've found a solution, a supplement that tastes amazing and delivers incredible results.

The ingredients in these products have been clinically studied until they found the perfect dose down to the very milligram. Each ingredient has been scientifically backed by professionals and has been confirmed being able to guarantee ground shattering performance for you every time you need it. There are none of the heavy stimulants in ANY of their products. Nothing that's going to send you home with a headache or have you jittering that hard you can barely workout properly. It's just solid, clean focus with long-lasting energy. No come ups and no comedowns. Blackwolf also shows you that you don't need caffeine in every product to feel its best benefits. In the caffeine-free option, you'll find that you will still have the laser-like focus thanks to the DMAE and Huperzine.

I wanted to see what Blackwolf is up against as their competition, so I found some of the top brands out there, the well-known names that already have a big influence in the fitness supplement industry. I've put Blackwolf up against three leading brands and compiled all the data into two tables below.

I didn't want to be exhaustive with the ingredients, so I included the main ingredients that people would look for. Now, I know the first thing that you most likely noticed from the tables is that Blackwolf doesn't have the MOST ingredients and that it is the highest-priced. I understand it can look a bit contradicting to what I said earlier but, Blackwolf does have the highest total weight. Coming in with 22 servings as well, you are getting a lot of nutrition per serving. As I said, the list isn't exhaustive, Blackwolf has many other ingredients that all aid towards the energy and focus that you need for your workouts. Looking at the tables again, we can see that Blackwolf's nemesis would be Gold Standard. This supplement has a lot of servings and also a good amount of ingredients too, however, I have managed to include all of Gold Standard's ingredients onto this table. It indeed has a lot of servings, good ingredients and a good price. But when compared to Blackwolf's carefully selected, clinically studied ingredients, it doesn't come close to the same potential. This is reflected by Blackwolf's price.


Now, there are loads of supplements out there that are at the same price as Blackwolf and sometimes even higher, but they usually lack the scientifically backed ingredients and suitable quantity of servings that would be essential for paying a high premium. Not only that, but Blackwolf is produced in the USA and shipped worldwide. Not many other brands offer that sort of outreach to customers. I mean, all in all, for a newcomer to the supplement industry, I think Blackwolf is seen as a bit of an underdog at the moment due to having not had the time to build up their reputation as much as more established brands already have. Their prices should be much higher than they are considering the amount of effort and dedication that has gone into their products.

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Don't waste your time then! If you order two tubs of any pre-workout you get your shipping for free, anywhere in the world. Blackwolf is going to be one of the top brands in the future, and can only mean more products, more research and a larger community. So, get involved now and get some orders placed, be prepared and be stocked up for winter!


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