AirSnore - Making a Bad Night’s Sleep a Thing of the Past


Did you know that around 33% of people get an inadequate amount of quality sleep? This can often be influenced by your partner's snoring, or in some cases, your snoring. Sleep apnea is a more common problem than you'd think. You shouldn't have to miss out on quality sleep that you need to function properly the following day. Missing out on essential sleep can harm your health in the long term, this puts you at risk of being more vulnerable to many heart-related problems, mental health issues and premature ageing of your skin. People who are deprived of sleep often look a lot more downtrodden than someone who gets an adequate amount of sleep.

So, if you're currently having to suffer from your partner's excessive loud snoring, or perhaps being unable to sleep due to your chronic snoring, the solution is here for you.


Introducing AirSnore - "AirSnore™ Stops Snoring, Making a Bad Night’s Sleep a Thing of the Past".


AirSnore is a simple mouthpiece that is an effective and low-cost tool to allow you to breathe properly at night, ensuring a good night of quality rest and without annoying your partner. It's a great alternative to expensive and invasive breathing apparatus; AirSnore requires no special fitting, is easy and comfortable to wear. With this mouthpiece, you will find yourself no longer at risk of sleep deprivation caused by snoring, allowing your mind and body to have time for the crucial repairs that take place in your sleep.


Aside from the mouthpiece, AirSnore also features AirSnore Drops. These drops help you get a sound night's sleep if you're feeling unwell, such as having a cough or a cold. They contain some essential oils which will help relieve you of your symptoms, opening your airways and ensuring that you won't be snoring throughout the night. The carefully selected ingredients are as follows.

⦁    Sunflower seed oil - This oil is the most versatile in the drops, as it is easily absorbed into the skin, making it the perfect carrier for the other active oils in the drops. It is also rich in skin-soothing vitamin E.

⦁    Eucalyptus oil - This oil has decongestant properties, allowing it to clear your airway of mucus and helping to loosen any tissue that may be irritated by the cold or cough. Eucalyptus oil also has vasodilation properties, this causes your blood vessels to dilate, bringing in more oxygen which will put your breathing to ease.

⦁    Lavender oil - Known for its relaxing effect and promoting sleep. Lavender oil is often used to aid in the recovery from insomnia. Working alongside eucalyptus oil, it will aid in the loosening of your airways and clearing mucus, making breathing difficulties no longer a problem.

⦁    Peppermint oil - This oil acts a decongestant, further clearing your airways and also helping to unblock your nose. Peppermint oil can be used as a natural painkiller, it will soothe your sore throat and aching muscles.

⦁    Scots Pine oil - Loosening your airways even further, clearing your respiratory system of phlegm and mucus. Breathing is made easy and your sore throat won't be irritated any longer. This is because of Scots Pine's natural pain-relieving properties.


AirSnore knows how to look after their customers and will frequently have amazing offers on their website. Multi-buy discounts and FLASH SALES are something to be keeping an eye out for if you're thinking of purchasing, there are massive savings for those who love to take an opportunity when they see one.

Now, the prices I'll be listing are in GBP, but AirSnore does do worldwide shipping, so whether it is in your local currency or not, you won't be missing out.


For the mouthpiece on its own, you can pick one up for £29.95, this is £10 cheaper than its retail price which is £39.95. Every bit helps, doesn't it?


The AirSnore Drops on their own are £39.95, again this is £10 cheaper than its retail price, which is £49.95


There is also the AirSnore Combo, this features both the mouthpiece and the drops for £59.95. You will be saving £30 with this offer as its retail price is £89.95.

Other leading brands offer similar anti-snoring devices that aid in allowing you to have a sound sleep. Although, when you look at competitors like VitalSleep with their mouthpiece on offer, you'll quickly see that their price is much higher than AirSnore's. VitalSleep's mouthpiece is marketed at  $69.95, which has been reduced from $99.95. Converting their price to GBP at the time I'm writing this review, $69.95 is equal to £54.15. Take note, this is for the mouthpiece alone, not some huge combo. AirSnore offers an affordable, and unbeatable price against other similar products that are currently on the market. As well as multi-buy combinations and frequent sales.

Other brands to be noted of their pricing and similar products are as follows.

⦁    SnoreRX - An anti-snore mouthpiece. $59.00/£45.67
⦁    ZQuiet - An anti-snore mouthpiece. Cheapest product to purchase is marketed at $39.95/£30.93
⦁    Good Morning - An anti-snore mouthpiece. $89.94/£69.63
⦁    SnoreMeds - An anti-snore mouthpiece. $46.95/£36.35

There are of course many other companies out there that offer anti-snoring mouthpieces, they all have the same purpose, some could be better than others. But, in comparison to AirSnore, they don't come close to the positive feedback they receive, the quick and helpful customer service, worldwide shipping and good value for your money. The one you need to go for is AirSnore, nothing beats it.


Some of the FAQs that a lot of buyers tend to be asking are as follows

⦁    How do I use the AirSnore mouthpiece? It's very easy to use the mouthpiece. All you have to do is let it stand in hot water for a few minutes, this is to allow it to soften. Once it has been softened and is cooling down, you just have to place it in your mouth and bite down on it; this allows the mouthpiece to take the shape of your mouth so it will be a perfect fit.

⦁    Is the AirSnore mouthpiece comfortable to wear? Unlike most other anti-snoring devices, AirSnore doesn't put your jaw in an uncomfortable position. AirSnore just places your mouth in the best position to stop you from snoring. It doesn't cause any pain or discomfort and will not bother you in the slightest! If the fit isn't perfect, all you have to do is reheat it in water and remould it again.

⦁    How do I look after my AirSnore mouthpiece? This is a very important question to be asking. You want to get the best use of your money and see that your mouthpiece will be in use for a long time. To look after your mouthpiece, ensure that you allow it to soak in cold water that has a little toothpaste mixed in it. This has to be done after every use to keep it in its best condition. Allow the mouthpiece to dry before its next use. If you have a denture cleaning solution, you can also use this to clean the mouthpiece.

So, now you know AirSnore is the best quality product that's available on the market. Unlike its competitors, it's at an affordable price, made with the best quality materials, has amazing offers, great user reviews and is guaranteed to give you a good night's rest. Don't miss out on this amazing product, order yours now while these offers are available!


Alternatively, you can click on any of the images featured on this post to redirect you to the AirSnore website.

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