How Can Water Be Used To Improve My Diet?


Everybody knows that you need water to function and live normally. Although, many people would much rather have something a bit more flavourful, such as your fizzy drinks etc. Without any water in your body, your days are numbered. The number of days you would survive without it can vary, this can be to do with your age, illnesses, climate, weight etc... So it's very important to keep your water intake optimal every day.

Different Types of Water

Water doesn't just come as a one size fits all, the pH level of the water can determine how beneficial it is to be drinking it. Tap water's pH level can vary. However, in the UK it is generally on the slightly more alkaline side, though this could differ for various countries. The UK's tap water is treated chemically to keep bacteria and other microorganisms from forming, this makes it safe to drink; the UK's tap water is regarded as being one of the cleanest waters available. Water can also be available as bottled mineral water, which is typically bottled at the source and is of course very rich in minerals. Alkaline rich water is also a product which people claim has various health benefits.

Beneficial Claims of Alkaline Water

There a several claims of how alkaline water can be beneficial over tap water. Many praise it for its claims such as: aiding with weight loss, preventing premature ageing, detoxification and being an antioxidant. Research is limited on these benefits, with many of them being animal research studies. There is no real harm in drinking alkaline water, unless you are consuming a large quantity of it, or consuming a high pH level. For this, we recommend that you drink alkaline water with a pH of 8-9 and obviously in a reasonable quantity, not chugging as many glasses as possible.

Alkaline Water Products

We've found a couple of products that you could use if you are feeling like giving alkaline water a chance.

Firstly we've got a water ioniser & purifier machine. What this does is it checks your water's pH level and adjusts it accordingly. Its pH range is 3.5 - 10.5, it allows the user to choose the pH level that they would like. It's low power consumption and user friendly. It's handy to have in case you would like to upgrade your quality of tap water.

Next, in case you aren't wanting to make such a large investment, there is a small, portable alkaline filter bottle. It works in the same way as the ioniser does except that it is a handheld bottle and costs a fraction of the price. It's a USB rechargeable, which makes it very convenient to use.

Benefits of Natural Mineral Water

Like alkaline rich water, natural mineral water is slightly alkaline. The minerals it contains are calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium and sodium. These help your body function properly and can improve your health. Similarly to alkaline water, it is capable of detoxification, weight loss and antioxidants. But additionally, it replaces lost electrolytes in your body, is good for your skin; reducing acne for example and bad cholesterol levels are lowered which reduces your risk of having heart attacks.

Natural Mineral Water Products

You can always find mineral waters for sale in your local shops and supermarkets, or you can bulk buy them online to save you a cost in the long run. We've found 24 bottles of Evian in 500ml bottles for £14.98!

The Effects of Drinking Acidic Water

So, with everything being covered on all the good sides of neutral and alkaline water, what is it that makes acidic water a non-favourable drinking choice? Aside from giving you an upset stomach, acidic water has metal ions in it from copper, zinc and lead, which would give the water a very metallic taste. The presence of these toxic metals in the water can have an impact on your health, so it is best to avoid drinking the water if it doesn't taste right.

Recommended Daily Amount of Water

The daily water intake for both men are women are different, however only slightly. The recommended amount for men is 2.5 litres, and for women, it is 2 litres. Another way of measuring your water intake is by drinking 6-8 glasses a day, whichever is your preferred way of keeping track is up to you. If drinking high alkaline water of 9.5+, make sure to drink more neutral water (7.0) as the high alkaline content may cause an upset stomach for some if drinking a lot of it. Mineral water with a high sodium content can cause dehydration, so if this is the case, make sure to balance your intake out with another type of water. Remember that drinking water regularly can improve your cognitive ability, aid with weight loss and improve mood.

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